Who We Help

Small Businesses

Are you an SME looking to improve and verify your own Cyber Security?

Managed IT Providers

Are you an MSP looking to develop your own Cybersecurity Program, Or looking to outsource some Cybersecurity work?

Non-Profit Organisations

Are you a Charity that needs to demonstrate external oversight of Cyber Security to the Board?

International Organisations

Are you an international organisation that needs to demonstrate compliance with UK Cyber Security standards to your clients?

Vendors & Distributors

Do you Serve the I.T. Community and want provide thought leadership on Cyber Security Challenges?


Are you an industry supplier looking to partner with Blunt Security?

Professional Standards

Whoever we work with, Blunt Security adheres to a code of ethics in line with our professional qualifications. We strive to ensure our actions benefit the common good. We act with honour and integrity. We will explain the motives behind our actions when questioned.


We provide competent, unbiased services.


We contribute to our community and help to advance our profession.


In line with our code of ethics we will exercise our professional judgement to help protect you and your stakeholders. We will not seek to solicit your staff or your clients.

Small Businesses

Small Business in an Office

As a small business it can be particularly challenging to even know where to start with Cyber Security. In my 20+ years experience of supporting SMEs I’ve found that more often than not, it just gets pushed to one side until something bad happens.

Whilst I do work with organisations that have already suffered a Cyber Attack, I’d much prefer to start working with you before that happens.

Some of the reasons other SME’s choose to work with me:

  • One of your clients asked you to get Cyber Essentials as part of the contract?
  • You’ve seen a competitor or friend suffer a Cyber Breach and you’re wondering if you’ll be next?
  • You’re not quite sure if your I.T. company is selling you snake oil, or if you genuinely need ‘another’ service?

Whether you just want a bit of help on a specific Cyber Security issue, or you want a full deep dive and comprehensive action plan, let’s jump on a discovery call and see whether we’re right to work together…

Popular Services for SME’s

Proven TCS Program

A Fixed Price 3 stage proven process to help you raise the level of Cyber Security in your business and gain Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Security Helping Hand

Feel like you’re almost there with your Cyber Essentials Certification? My Light touch Helping hand service will help get you over the line

Cyber Improvement Program

Working with you to improve your Cyber Security and make sure your I.T. Team are doing what they should.


Cyber Essentials Certification

If you’re confident you meet the required standard, I’ll assess  you against Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Awareness Training

Helping you to Equip your staff with the knowledge they need to help keep your company safe from Cyber Attacks

Managed IT Providers

An MSP delivering Cyber Security Services

I’ve been in the IT Industry for 20+ Years, running my own MSP for 15 years before successfully selling it at the start of 2022. I know what it takes to build a successful MSP and I know the challenges you face on a daily basis trying to do that.

Some of the challenges I help MSPs with include:

  • Getting worried about the increase in Cyber attacks against MSPs and what impact that could have on you?
  • Struggling to recruit, train or retain staff with the right Cyber security knowledge and experience?
  • Getting push back from your clients when trying to sell additional Cyber Services?
  • Not sure if you’re properly protecting your clients from Cyber Threats?

Whether you want to build your own Cyber Security Program and deliver profitable services directly to your clients, or you’d like to be able to earn a profit from referring in an independent Cybersecurity expert there’s something for us to work together on.

Let’s get a Discovery call booked in to see if we’re the right fit

Popular Services for MSP’s

Build Your Own Cyber Program

Using my experience of running my own MSP for 15 years, I’ll work with you to build a profitable Cyber Program within your own Business.


Cyber Essentials Certification

I can either act as your Lead Assessor, or independently assess your clients against the Cyber Essentials Standard.

Cyber Awareness Training

Helping educate your Tech Team on what they need to know about CE when dealing with your clients.

Cyber Consultancy

Acting on your behalf as an independant Cyber Security expert for your clients. Helping to identify risks and areas they need to tighten up.

Non-Profit Organisations & Charities

Volunteers in a Charity filling Cardboard Boxes

Tackling Cyber Security can be particularly challenging for Non-Profit Organisations, every penny you spend on Cyber is a penny less you have to spend on your misson, the primary reason you exist. Yet a significant cyber attack could have devastating consequences on your ability to operate and continue your mission.

It’s a really fine balancing act, and that’s something we have to be sensitive towards when we work together.

Some of the reasons Charities and other Non-Profit Organisations choose to work with me:

  • You know you need to do ‘something’ about your Cybersecurity, you just don’t know where to start
  • Your board of trustees requires some external oversight of your cybersecurity measures
  • Some of your funding contacts require that you implement an information governance framework
  • You deal with particualrly sensitive information which is likely to be a target for Cyber Criminals

I find working with Charities and Non-Profit organisations really rewarding, use the link below to book a discovery call and let’s find how we can work together

Popular Services for Non-Profit & Charities

Cyber Security Consultancy

Looking for someone to guide you through the Cyber Security minefield, provide external over sight and report in to the board for you?


Cyber Security Certification

Whether it’s a basic Cyber Essentials certification or a more indepth information governance audit you can show the board you’re certified

Vulnerability Assessment

Running regular scans against your IT Infrastructure, looking for weaknesses to then provide your IT team with remediation plans

Cyber Awareness Training

Putting in a full 12 month Cyber Awareness program so all your staff get trained at least annually

International Organisations

Helping International Organisations with their Cyber Security

Over the last 12 months I’ve seen a significant increase in international organisations being required to meet specific cyber security requirements by their UK clients.

Some of the things International companies ask me to help with include:

  • Auditing them for Cyber Essential Plus Certification so they can continue to deal with their UK Clients
  • Help to understand and meet UK Cyber Security Requirements
  • Running Vulnerability assessments to highlight where they would fail to meet UK Cyber Security standards

Whether you just need to be audited, or you need some further help to understand and meet the UK Cyber Essentials Requirements I’ve got some options to help you,

I can be fairly flexible on working within your timezone, lets book an initial discovery call and see if there’s something we can work together on.

Popular Services for International Organisations


Cyber Essentials Certification

If you’re dealing with the UK and been told you need to get Cyber Essentials Certification I can certify you to CE and CE+

Cyber Security Consultancy

Need help to ensure you meet the Cyber Security standard needed to do business within the UK? We’ll work together on a monthly basis to get you there

Vulnerability Assessment

Running regular scans against your IT Estate, looking for weaknesses, writing reports for your board and providing your IT team with remediation plans

Cyber Security Helping Hand

Need help getting over the line with the UK Cyber Security Requirements? My Light Touch Consultancy service will help you tick off the final points

Supplier Security Auditing

Do you need to audit some of your suppliers in the UK? I can carry out virtual and in-person Cyber Security Audits to meet your compliance requirements

Vendors & Distributors to the IT Industry

Vendors and Distributors to the IT Industry

In todays world, the MSP expects more from their suppliers than just a product or service, they expect thought leadership, education and guidance on all things affecting their world. Vendors and Distributors who can provide this kind of insight tend to build stronger relationships with their customers, it becomes more of a two way partnership, which ultimately delivers more value for both parties.

Having previously run my own IT Company for 15+ years, I’ve got a key insight in to how your customer base thinks and operates. Together we can put together engaging content that your customer base is looking for, helping your customers grow and helping you grow.

Some of the activities Vendors and Distributors partner with me on include:

  • Creating content for a unique and engaging interative webinar
  • Delivering thought leadership on cyber security topics that matter to your customers and their clients
  • Evaluating your own systems against Cyber Security best practice

Book a Discovery call in today and let’s find out what we can partner together on…

Popular Services for Vendors & Distributors

Cyber Security Consultancy

When you want to understand how MSPs think about Cyber Security, what do you need to change and how can you help you clients more


Cyber Security Certification

Demonstrate to your client base you take Cyber Security Seriously and ensure you are certified to UK Cyber Security Standards

Keynote & Thought Leadership

Keynote Presentations and Thought Leadership on Topics that matter to the MSP Community

MSP Cyber Awareness Training

Educate your customer base on Cyber Security topics concerning them, hearing from a former MSP that has been in their shoes

Suppliers to the Cyber Security Industry

Supplier to the Cyber Security Industry

It’s 100% a case of practice what you preach for me, if you’re looking to become a supplier of Blunt Security there’s a few things we need to do as part of my Due Diligence.

Some of the things I expect from my Suppliers:

  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certification
  • Adherence to an Information Governance Framework (Ideally IASME Cyber Assure or ISO27001 Audited)
  • A review of your Information Security Policy and understanding how you prioritise Cyber Security within your organisation

Also be aware, it’s not just a case of showing me the certificates, I’ll also have a few questions about your certifications and depending on what we’re going to work on together I may want to do my own audit too.

I do also work with a MSPs so it might also be the case that what you have to offer may help them and I can refer you on, but I’ll need to be confident in your Cyber Security to do that. 

Best route forward is to send me a message through the Contact page, explaning how you cover off the points above, and if it’s something I think will work for us both we’ll setup a meeting.